The personal trainer makes an important point on the power of deception

A personal trainer has shown that seeing isn't always believing - by turning her pot belly into a rippling six-pack in seconds.

Carly Rowena regularly shares her workout routines, fitness tips and healthy eating habits on Instagram but has voiced her distain for the pressure on young women to look a certain way.

She wrote: "There are many things I love about social media but one of the things I wish I could change is this obsession with being perfect."

In the short video, Carly reveals how breathing in-and-out instantly changes the definition of her abs to make an important point on the power of visual trickery.  

Her post goes on to state that: “You can pull it in, push it out or relax, all looks are the same and neither one more healthy.”

In the video itself, the fitness fanatic attests that we all have good, bad and normal days, saying: “This is my body and some days I wake up feeling amazing, some days I wake up feeling crap but today I’m feeling like myself.”

With more than 300,000 followers on YouTube and 89,000 on Instagram, Carly’s message is vital to the disruption of social media’s smoke and mirrors effect, proving that “There is no such thing as perfection.”