On October 19, the world's first probiotic chocolate milk mix MojoMilk was introduced, transitioning chocolate milk from "junk food" to a mom-approved health drink.

On July 15, Gregory Miller, executive vice president for research, regulatory and scientific affairs at National Dairy Council (NDC) in the United States, said parents shouldn't frown on flavored milk as it is relatively low in sugar and would account for three percent of a child's daily sugar intake at an industry discussion on the nutritional benefits of cheese and the importance of increasing dairy product dietary requirements in Washington, DC.

"It's important to note that unless it's available, affordable and tastes good, people won't consume it," Miller noted.

MojoMilk claims to be the healthiest choice for chocolate milk lovers "with 60% less calories then Nesquik," a market leader in chocolate milk mixes.

It also claims that "MojoMilk's strains of Bacillus Coagulans (GanedenBC 30) are significantly superior to other probiotics. Each serving of MojoMilk provides at least 2 billion CFU of probiotics, about 10x more than yogurt" to "support immune function and digestive health."

MojoMilk is an eco-friendly, kosher product consisting of organic cane juice sugar, natural flavors, lecithin, cocoa powder, Bacillus coaguluns, sodium chloride and stevia.

The new mix comes in individually single serving "stick packs" for anytime use, all that you need to add is 200ml of milk to prepare your instant probiotic-rich chocolate milk. A pack of 10 MojoMilk sticks is $9.99/€7.26, however it is currently only available in the United States but the company is actively seeking retail partners.

If you want to plus up your chocolate milk experience before MojoMilk is available in your local market, you might want to try mixing your milk of choice (cow, goat, camel, almond, rice) with a probiotic powder (Now Foods, Berte's, iFlora) and your favorite chocolate mix like Hershey's, Nesquik or Magic Milk Mix.

The find the best probiotic powder the how-to site eHow offers some simple tips at: http://www.ehow.com/how_5022443_choose-probiotic.html

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