City traders pay £200 for a quick hangover cure

One Surrey doctor says many traders need to entertain clients late - and be on good form the follow day at work

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London’s city traders are reportedly shelling out £200 a pop to cure their hangovers.

Surrey doctor Natalie Blakley, from Light Touch Clinic in Weybridge, claims that city traders are paying up to £200 to cure their hangovers with a vitamin drip.

Dr Blakley said that most who request her service are under pressure to entertain clients until late into the night – but still work productively the following day.

“There are a lot of people around here who can't afford to have a day off because of a hangover,” she told ITV. “So I have been out to a lot of people's homes and hotel rooms to put up drips for them.”

“There's an expectation and pressure where these people have to go out to party.

She added: “Brokers in the City that make their money at night entertaining clients - it's these guys who ask for it the most.”

Dr Blakley added she also used the vitamin drips to treat people who are exhausted, or suffering from a cold.

However, some doctors remain sceptical about the benefits of these drips.


Principal lecturer at London’s South Bank University Dr Adam Cunliffe claimed there was no solid proof that vitamin infusions had any effect.

“The benefits for people who are ostensibly well, who just want to gain some kind of advantage in how they feel or to recover from a misspent weekend, are not clear,’ he told the Daily Mail.

His concerns are shared by Dr Sarah Tonks, from the Omniya Clinic in Knightsbridge, who said: “It’s pointless giving people vitamins they may not need.”

She added that it could even “be dangerous” for individuals with pre-existing weaknesses as too much magnesium or potassium could “cause a heart attack.”