Clip-on fitness tracker monitors your every move

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Showcasing this week at IDEA World Fitness Convention in Los Angeles is a new tiny, clip-on fitness device dubbed NewYu that monitors your every move, from running to washing dishes, to provide a "more accurate" reading on how many calories you're really burning in a day, according to its August 11 release announcement.

Launching at IDEA World, the lightweight NewYu tracks activities such as walking, running, and cycling, as well as elliptical or step machine workouts, in addition to cooking, cleaning, and shopping, or basically any motion that can burn calories. 

Using its free Android app, users can sync data from their NewYu monitor to an online dashboard in real-time via Bluetooth, or by connecting the monitor to their computer with a USB adapter.

The online dashboard lets users track progress and fitness trends via charts that break down activities, detail the number of steps, display the number of calories burned vs. calories consumed, and study their progress over three months.

NewYu also offers ConnectYu - an online social community where users can browse forums, initiate or join groups, and chat with other members to find workout partners, stay accountable, get encouragement, and access tips.

NewYu will retail for $99.99 and is expected to be available next month through its website and select online retailers, including and Consumers can pre-order monitors on the NewYu website.

Another similar product, My Wellness Key, which earned top nods at this year's FIBO in Germany, is a tiny portable device that allows gym-goers to monitor their fitness progress as well as their daily routines. Similarly, the device comes with its own online community and motivational features to help you get moving to reach your fitness goals.

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