Could this be the best crutch ever made?

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Sprained ankle or tweaked knee? Enter Mobilegs, the latest in mobile crutch technology. Touted as the first crutch that isn't murder on your underarms and wrists, Mobilegs has arrived just in time for winter sports injuries aplenty.

On December 6, the US-based science and technology magazine Popular Science published a review and video demonstration of the Mobilegs crutch, which ranked in the magazine's best new technologies of 2010 list.

"The Mobilegs are so comfortable that I actually continued using them for a couple days after I really needed to, just because it was preferable to limping," wrote the magazine's reviewer. "When I saw people on the street using normal crutches, I pitied them." A high-tech lightweight crutch, Mobilegs provides good stability and claims to reduce nerve damage and wrist strain. Prices range from $60-$90 (€44-66).

Another crutch alternative on the market is Rollerfoot, a hands-free, four-wheeled knee scooter that is ideal for foot or ankle injuries. Rollerfoot retails for $225 (€168). RollerAid, a knee scooter competitor, is a souped-up version featuring stability handlebars, a basket, and a water bottle carrier. RollerAid retails for $725 (€542).

Read the full review of Mobilegs and watch the video demo: