A bizarre and dangerous trend is becoming increasingly more popular amongst tweens worldwide that involves lighting yourself on fire with Axe Body Spray, a trendy cologne and deodorant spray, in a public space (classroom, bus) and recording the action for YouTube.

In the US state of Washington two middle schools have witnessed five students aged 11-12 igniting their clothes and skin on fire with the assistance of Axe Body Spray.

According to the local news, Tacoma News Tribune, Superintendent Tom Murphy, responded with a letter to the entire student body's parents explaining kids are using Axe Body Spray "to light themselves or their clothing on fire. YouTube videos and news reports show the dangerous activity is being practiced across the world."

Murphy urged parents to monitor their child's internet-use, take away any lighters and explained those caught in the act would be expelled. All five incidents happened between February 23 and March 24 at Saghalie and Lakota middle schools.

A new trend fueled undoubtedly by peer pressure. Murphy said, "Middle school boys are among the most at-risk for participating in dangerous experiments with fire, although all children should be warned of the danger."

The makers of Axe have created two videos to teach tweens that huffing and igniting with Axe is not hip with their Responsible Use clips:

Numerous examples of kids on YouTube using Axe to light themselves or friends on fire: