The eye loves to jump from one thing to another. If you work in an office, look to the other side of the room or out the window every 20 minutes.

In most sports, your eyes need to be able to dart around readily in space. In a darkened room, flick a pen torch around and attempt to follow it.

Stand in front of a mirror and move your head around while maintaining eye contact. This is a simple way to exercise all six muscles that move the eyeball inside the socket.

To improve peripheral vision, sit at your desk and keep your focus on something ahead of you, such as a screen. At the same time, try to increase your awareness of what is happening around you.

Always protect your eyes in sports where there is a danger of being struck, such as squash, and from sunlight, by wearing sunglasses or UV-blocking contact lenses. The sun is most harmful when low in the sky.