As a sport and exercise student, I'm very conscious of what I eat. I've never drunk any alcohol and never will. I don't eat carbs and would never touch white bread or pasta. I eat fish and chicken but never red meat. My favourite breakfast is smoked salmon with hard-boiled eggs, minus their yolks. Lunch is usually green soup, made of a variety of green vegetables, plus a tuna salad, and dinner is roast vegetables or grilled chicken. I snack on fruit, nuts and raw spinach. I eat a chocolate bar about four times a year. I've relaxed over the last couple of years and started drinking coffee.

I've been like this since school. I stopped drinking milk when I was eight as I had skin problems and attributed them to lactose intolerance. At 14, I started making my own packed lunch with Ryvitas and salads.

People feel threatened by my eating habits. At a wedding one woman accused me of being anorexic when I wouldn't eat bread because of its high GI count, but I'm a healthy weight and enjoy eating.

It's not about discipline; I just don't desire unhealthy food. I am a control freak and would hate to ever feel my body or diet were out of my control.

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