Watch our web TV show to find out how to get your kids away from the computer screen and back playing outdoors, tantrum free.

Show date: Thursday 20th January

Show time: 11.40am

If you worry about the amount of time your children spend in front of the TV or computer screen, and wonder why they’re not spending their time playing outside like you used to, you’re not alone. However wanting your kids to get outside more and being able to drag them away from the dreaded screen, without tantrums or sullen faces, can be an arduous task.

Playing in the Great Outdoors is not only great for children’s mental well-being, it also helps physical fitness as well as developing their immune systems. Not to mention the long-term life skills associated with understanding more about nature. But telling your children it’s ‘good for them’ simply won’t cut it when their favourite TV programme is on or they’ve almost completed their favourite computer game.

And if you do let them outside, their safety can often be a worry as often the last thing they want to do is be seen hanging around Mum and Dad.

So, how do you convince your children that playing outdoors is not only better for them, but also more fun than being sat in front of the box? What’s the best way to ensure your children are safe when you eventually get them outside, without cramping their style? What can you do to make nature ‘cool’ and something they want to learn about and embrace?

For all the answers to these questions, and more, TV nature Guru Chris Packham and Natural England Strategic Health Adviser Dr William Bird join us for a web TV show for the ultimate answers to these questions.