The infamous British musician with 101 lives Ozzy Osbourne is a medical wonder and has been tapped by the popular music publication Rolling Stone to be their new health columnist announced the magazine on July 1.

Rolling Stone explained that "if you have a health issue that you need answers on, please enter questions [via].

"All questions must include your first name and hometown, which will run in the magazine; please also include your e-mail address (strictly for fact-checking purposes - not for publication).

"Questions that are selected will run in the July 23rd, August 6th or August 20th issues of Rolling Stone."

According to the radio trade publication The Pulse of Radio, Osbourne contends that his current column in England's The Sunday Times is "not a serious thing, I mean, I'm the last person to ask advice about health. It's just, it's not fit to be taken seriously. I mean - and I'm not doing it, I'm not writing the column personally, I've got a guy coming around, the guy who did my book, Chris Ayres, is doing the column. He brings me the column things and I just joke about it, you know. 'Cause if you believe me, you'll end up in the lunatic asylum."

However the looks like it could lead to more serious issues. The first question submitted on July 3 by bpusser, "Hi Ozzy, Wondering if you can help me with a health issue. A muscle in my left eye is weak and causes me to see double. I have prisms in my eyeglass lenses but sometimes they don't do the trick."

Ozzy and Rolling Stone could be on to something as many men shy away from getting medical advice. If Ozzy is not your idea of a health guru you may want to consult a team of international health experts via AllExperts (, or