Patients lying on the operating table may not be aware of it as they count backwards towards anesthetised stupor, but it is likely that are also counting in their surgeon's favourite song.

A survey of UK surgeons has found that 90 per cent listen to music while they operate, and half of those said up-tempo rock was their genre of choice.

Seventeen per cent favour pop music, while 11 per cent said they listened to classical music while they operated.

Of the surgeons who responded, the majority said music helps create a "harmonious and calm atmosphere", but a third said the music prevents them from getting bored.

Patients undergoing plastic surgery were most likely to be operated on by a music-loving doctor, with all plastic surgeons surveyed said they listened to music while operating. Ear, nose and throat surgeons were the least likely to play songs.

Perhaps in recognition that an operation is enough of an ordeal for a patient, only 15 per cent of the surgeons said they hummed along to music during surgery.

* The survey was conducted to celebrate the release of House Season Seven on Blu-ray and DVD.