, online review source, comments, "OXYFIT mobile oxygen supply doesn't seem legal" based on the Japan Trend Shop's, Tokyo's gadget and lifestyle select online shop, description that OXYFIT delivers " oxygen from 20-30%. Not only can this help with fatigue and other symptoms of low oxygen, but it can actually boost brainpower and metabolism as well. More oxygen lets you run farther, work longer, and even lose weight! An increased supply of oxygen speeds up your body's metabolic engine, burning more calories and stimulating fat loss. Finally, the improved circulation from increased oxygen levels can produce brain-stimulation and anti-aging effects".

Mitachi Industry, Co. first announced OXYFIT in Japan in 2008 and it is now available for purchase at for €1971 with an extra €36 for worldwide express shipping. The OXYFIT includes advanced electronic oxygen generation pack, battery pack (1.5 hr), charger (AC 100V), remote, oxygen tube, aspirator, and tote bag with the option of adding a backpack. Total weight is 1500g and the instructions are in Japanese.

CNET, technology news and review site, jokes, "side effects of Oxyfit may include incessant name-calling, for which the makers will not be held accountable".

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