Breast cancer charity calls for ban on food packaging chemical


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A charity has called on the Government to take action to reduce women's exposure to cancer-causing chemicals.

Breast Cancer UK has launched a petition calling for an outright ban of the use of the chemical Bisphenol A in food and drinks packaging.

The charity said the chemical, which disrupts hormones, has been linked to breast cancer and other diseases.

Clare Dimmer, chairwoman of Breast Cancer UK, said: "I urge everyone to turn awareness into action and help prevent breast cancer by signing Breast Cancer UK's petition.

"A Government ban on Bisphenol A in food and drinks packaging could help to reduce our daily exposure to this hormone-disrupting chemical, which could be at the bottom of why breast cancer is fast becoming an epidemic.

"Breast cancer rates have almost doubled in England since records began in the 70s - that cannot be down to lifestyle choices and genetics alone.

"The Government must acknowledge all causes of breast cancer and cut cancer-causing chemicals."

The charity said the chemical was banned in baby bottles throughout the European Union last year but is still routinely used in a variety of consumer products including tin cans, plastic food packaging, water bottles and lunch boxes.

* The petition can be seen HERE.