Doctors won’t have to reveal their salaries under the terms of sweeping contract changes


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Individual GPs will not have to publish their salaries under the terms of sweeping contract changes, the Department of Health has confirmed.

Transparency on doctors’ salaries was included as a key pillar of the new GP contract, but the measure will only see an average salary published from each practice, Pulse magazine reported. 

The Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt had said that knowing doctors’ salaries would give the Government “more confidence to hand more funds to GPs in future.”

Changes to the GP contract will also free family doctors from “box-ticking” in order to secure funding.

A quarter of NHS spending on GPs – around £290m – that was previously linked to “Quality and Outcomes Framework” (QOF) targets, will now be placed into a general funding pot.

The changes, which have been broadly welcomed by GPs, will also scrap 10-minute minimum appointments, giving doctors greater freedom to see some patients quickly, and spend more time with others with more complex needs.