Father fights bid to switch off baby's life-support

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A father is fighting a hospital's attempt to withdraw the support keeping his baby son alive, it emerged today.

Doctors want to take the one-year-old, who was born with a rare neuromuscular condition, off a ventilator which allows him to breathe.

The hospital is taking its action to the High Court tomorrow, which is reportedly supported by the child's mother. She is separated from the father, whose lawyers are opposing the case.

The one-year-old, known as Baby RB, was born with congenital myasthenic syndrome (CMS), a muscle condition which severely limits the ability to breathe independently and limb movement. He has been in hospital since birth.

Lawyers for the father argue the baby's brain is unaffected by the condition and that he can see, hear and feel and recognise his parents. He is also apparently able to play with toys.

Christopher Cuddihee, a solicitor acting for the father, told The Sunday Telegraph: "This is a tragic case. The father feels very strongly that Baby RB has a quality of life that demands the trust should continue to provide life-sustaining treatment.

"The father clearly adores his son and hopes to demonstrate to the court that the trust's application should be rejected."

The parties involved in the case cannot be identified for legal reasons.

An estimated 300 people have CMS in the UK, with varying degrees of severity.