This week in science and health, international forums and news sites lit up discussing five apparently important research studies coming from Oxford, King's College London, University of Bologna, University of California at Santa Barbara, Kaiser Family Foundation, Ghent University and Indiana University School of Medicine. 

  1. Fat thighs, hips and butts (with a skinny waist) can reduce heart disease and diabetes. The favorite phrase in various forums is "Fat is not created equal."
  2. A team of researchers concluded that if a woman has a G-spot it might be in her head as there is no physical or physiological basis for it. Better yet, this past November Italian scientists proclaimed they found it.
  3. Females who think they are "pretty" anger more easily and fight for their way more adamantly say psychologists in California. The flaws in this study are being pointed out all around the world most recently in Kerala to Syria.
  4. Molecular biologists found a way for those that cannot digest alcohol to no longer be intolerant. This expands the wine and alcohol market by potentially one billion new drinkers worldwide.
  5. A study showed that American children spend basically every moment plugged in, not surprising for the generation dubbed "iGeneration" or "net generation" but interesting that they were able to fit 10 hours and 45 minutes of e-content into 7 hours and 38 minutes of use - due to multitasking on various platforms and devices.