A medical disciplinary panel will consider today whether to take action against a doctor found to have possessed indecent images of children.

A General Medical Council fitness to practise panel heard yesterday that Dr Euan McLusky, of North Yorkshire, had 700 images of children, including nine categorised at level four (penetrative sexual activity between children and adults).

Dr McLusky, who was neither present nor represented at the hearing in London, accepted by a letter from his solicitors that his fitness to practise was impaired, the panel said.

It heard that on 21 October last year, Dr McLusky was cautioned at Harrogate Police Station, North Yorkshire, for being in possession of indecent photographs or pseudo-photographs of a child and indecent photographs of children between 1 January 1990 and 27 February 2008.

He had 641 categorised at level one (images depicting erotic posing with no sexual activity); 48 at level two (sexual activity between children, or solo masturbation by a child); two at level three (non-penetrative sexual activity between adults and children); and nine categorised at level four (penetrative sexual activity between children and adults).

The panel was also told that his name has been put on the Sexual Offenders Register and will remain on the register until 21 October next year.

Ruling that his fitness to practise was impaired by reason of his caution, the panel said: "It is the panel's view that the offences for which Dr McLusky accepted the caution are serious.

"It notes the large number of indecent images of children, in particular the nine photographs categorised at level four.

"The panel is of the opinion that Dr McLusky's conduct undermines the trust and confidence patients and the public have in the medical profession.

"The general public are entitled to expect high standards of honesty and integrity from a doctor and the panel is of the view that by possessing and viewing indecent images of children, he acted in a manner unbefitting a doctor.

"The panel is concerned that Dr McLusky has breached his fundamental duty towards children and young people. It considers his possessing and viewing of the indecent images of children as a risk to their wellbeing, and that in so doing, he contributed to the demand for the creation and distribution of such material."

It will consider today any sanctions to be imposed on his registration.