Week 1

Day 1 (1 hour): 10 "heaves" (pull-ups), 60 sit-ups, 1.5-mile run in under 10 mins 30secs.

Day 2 (1 hour): 3 sets of 20 of squats, squat thrusts (kneel down and push the legs out backwards), dorsal raises (lie on tummy, raising legs and head in air), press-ups, step-ups, twist sit-ups, leg lifts, burpees (squat thrust from standing position), alternative V sit-ups (lying on back, one leg in air), dips (lying on back, raise body on arms)

Day 3 (1hr 30mins): 5-mile run

Day 4 (1hour) 5-mile run, 8 mins a mile.

Half-way through the 16-week course you will do:

Day 1: 4-mile run at 7 mins mile pace.

Day 2: 7-mile march with 34lbs weight over hilly course at 13-mins mile pace

Day 3: 45 mins fartlek (fast and slow running) session.

Day 4: 2-hour gym session.

Day 5: 8-mile march with 34lbs weight in 1hr 45mins, then 30 mins plyometric (bounding) exercises.

Test Week (after 16 weeks)

Day 1 10-mile run (carrying 45lbs) in 1hr 50mins

Day 2 Aerobic exercises plus weight training 1hr 30mins.

Day 3 Six-mile fartlek (varying the pace) run in 50 mins.

Day 4 Morning: circuit training - 5 sets of 20 repetitions of week 1, day 2. Afternoon: swimming (1hr 30mins)

Consult a GP before vigorous training. Warm-up exercises recommended.