A locum doctor from Germany who killed a man on his first out-of-hours shift in England was found guilty of serious professional misconduct and told he still presented "a significant risk to patients".

Nigerian-born Daniel Ubani injected David Gray, 70, with 10 times the correct dose of morphine, the General Medical Council (GMC) heard. Mr Gray, who needed pain relief for his kidney stones, died within hours at home in Manea, Cambridgeshire.

Dr Ubani, 67, a specialist in cosmetic medicine, admitted causing Mr Gray's death after confusing the morphine with another drug. He was given a nine-month suspended sentence in Germany for death by negligence but still works a doctor in that country, the GMC panel heard. It ruled that Dr Ubani's fitness to practice was impaired because of his misconduct in treating Mr Gray and two other patients on the same shift. It said he had "failed to recognise and work within the limits of his own competence".

Dr Ubani, who could be struck off, is likely to learn his fate tomorrow.