Myleene Klass: 'OMG! I don’t breastfeed my friends' / Susannah Ireland


The television presenter and professional bikini-wearer Myleene Klass found out that serving breast milk to friends and family has a nasty side effect – that everyone in the media (yes, that includes me) rears up and starts banging on about it.

Klass was being interviewed about the Big IF London project, which aims to get G8 leaders to end world hunger. In passing she said: “I made everyone try mine [breast milk]. What? It’s not weird. It tastes just like those probiotic yoghurt drinks. Sweet – not as sweet as condensed milk.”

As the world and his dog recoiled in horror, she tweeted: “OMG! I don’t breastfeed my friends, myself or anyone else, although by the sounds of it, there’s a lot of BIG BABIES out there!”

Having tried breast milk (my stepmother’s, after she had my little sister), she’s right – it tastes sweet. It’s perfectly natural to try it, and you lot making a fuss are MASSIVE babies.