There's speculation that people will have designer babies, but I don't think the data is there to support that. No single gene predicts blondness or thinness or height or whatever the 'perfect baby' looks like. You might find genetic contributors, but there are so many environmental factors too. More likely is that you'll have a set of embryos and you'll know every single thing about every gene in every embryo. For example, one embryo will have three genes associated with tallness, two for weakness, three for poor vision and some for disease; and the second embryo will have some other set. None of us is a perfect specimen and none of our embryos will be, either. I think you'll end up with a lot of information but it's less obvious how useful that information will be and how many parents will want it. Will people choose IVF to get that genetic option? The old-fashioned way is cheaper and more fun and that won't change in 30 years.