The makers of Red Bull have insisted the energy drink is "perfectly safe" after one of Scotland's biggest off-licence chains banned youngsters from buying it.

The One o One chain has refused to sell the drink to under-16s due to its high caffeine content. The chain - which has stores across Glasgow and Paisley - has told staff to use their discretion to ask customers buying Red Bull for proof of ID. Advertised with "Red Bull gives you wings", each can has 80mg of caffeine - the same amount as a cup of coffee.

A spokeswoman for the firm said the drink did not pose a risk. She said: "Red Bull is perfectly safe to drink and there is no medical evidence to suggest otherwise. There is no legal age restriction but it is generally considered that products containing caffeine are not suitable for young children, as they do not need an extra boost of energy."

The Austrian-made drink has been banned in Denmark and the EU's highest court gave France permission to ban it in 2004. Health departments in Ireland, Turkey, Sweden and the US have also expressed concern.