Sufferers, friends and family reveal their experiences in a new online gallery

Jerry Hall, 50

I realised from my twin sister Terry's experience of breast cancer that, through her diagnosis, her friends and family were also affected and we also needed support. 41,000 new people are diagnosed every year in this country and that means 41,000 new families are affected. I am proud to be supporting this campaign by sending in my photo and hope you will join me.

Liz Dixon, 34

I was diagnosed in March 2005. It was a shock - at the time I was nine and a half weeks pregnant. Your breasts change a lot when you are pregnant, but when I saw a consultant he was worried. My husband Nick and I had decided to have a termination: there seemed no point carrying on if I may not be around to look after a child. After chemotherapy, I had a mastectomy in August 2005, followed by radiotherapy. I am having a course of Herceptin. No one is going to guarantee the cancer won't return, but I don't worry about money or bills. I just get on with life.

Zoe Ball, 35

My dear friend Tracy was diagnosed in 2003 so I know that a diagnosis can be a frightening experience, not just for the person diagnosed, but also for close friends and family. A staggering 41,000 people are newly diagnosed in the UK with breast cancer every year. I hope that this photo of Tracy and me will be the first of 41,000 photos sent in.

Ozofu Walls, 40

I went to the US in January 2005 with my sister and felt a lump in my right breast. I had just finished breastfeeding so did not think it was serious. When I returned to England, I was diagnosed almost immediately. I was so worried about what would happen to my children. I had a lumpectomy and finished radiotherapy in March. I still go for checks.

Julie Stuart, 32

In 1994, my mother was diagnosed with the disease, and three years ago her cousin was told she had it. It has had the biggest impact on my life. It has affected every aspect of my life and not a day goes by where it is not on my mind. Losing two very special people will be with me for ever. It is vital for everyone to be breast aware throughout their lives.

Claire Jordan, 42

"I was diagnosed with breast cancer at 31. Six months of chemotherapy followed and then radiotherapy.I was with Brendan, who is now my husband, at the time but had no plans for children. When it came to the point when we wanted to have a family, I was very angry; this disease could ruin my life and my husband's life. But I conceived within a couple of months."

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