Shipman: the grim total continues to rise

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Detectives investigating the murder career of serial killer Dr Harold Shipman say the number of deaths they are looking at has risen to 192.

The lastest increase in the grim catalogue of suspicious deaths associated with the GP from Greater Manchester emerged as it was announced that the police investigation was being wound down.

Det Supt Bernard Postles, who led the inquiry, said most of the work was complete and the incident unit at Ashton-under-Lyne was being moved to a smaller office in Stalybridge.

A police spokesman said officers were still informing relatives of 192 suspected victims of the outcome of their investigation. The figure had previously stood at 175.

Shipman, 54, who is serving 15 life sentences at Frankland Prison in County Durham, was convicted at Preston Crown Court in January of murdering 15 patients with injections of morphine.

Relatives are campaigning to have an inquiry into the deaths held in public. They have taken their fight to the High Court and expect to hear later this month whether they can appeal against the decision to hold the inquiry behind closed doors.