STI hotspots: The places where you're most likely to catch a sexually transmitted infection

The average Briton had an STI for 8 weeks before getting tested

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The top 11 places where people are most likely to catch an STI have been revealed, following a report that suggested two fifths of Britons have contracted one.

Conducted by UKMedix, the study formed part of a wider investigation into British sex lives, including our attitude to safe sex and sexually transmitted infections. 1,967 people took part, with an equal split between male and female respondents.

41 per cent admitted to having previously caught an STI, with those then asked to identify where (provided they remembered) they had been when they had the sexual contact that led them to catching the disease.

15 per cent of people said they had caught an STI at a friend's house, while 7 per cent said they had been diagnosed with one after having sex in an office or workplace.


The average Briton had an STI for 8 weeks before getting tested. During this time, more than half of respondents (54 per cent) stated that they were sexually active, with 61 per cent of these confessing that they had not been using protection during sexual encounters.

Sarah Bailey of UKMedix commented: “There’s just not enough information around about STIs. No matter how much we know we should, people are not using protection enough. There is really no excuse and, when you think about what you are risking, it is just completely nonsensical to take the risks.”