Stuck in the airport and hear the siren call of the food court? Renowned US-based, website of the bestselling travel guide series, offers a few strategies for finding healthy grub when faced with flight delays this holiday season.

Published online on December 16, Frommer's recommends being prepared and toting along some portable snacks that you can pass through security screens-most government regulations allow solid foods such as carrot sticks or dried fruits. Or make wise choices at airport shops, opting for a small bag of unsalted nuts or energy bars. Granola bars may seem like a good choice, but many of them are little more than candy bars in disguise, says Frommer's. Read the ingredients: if any of the first three are sugar, make another choice.

Airports are not exactly sanctuaries for health-conscious eaters, but more and more major airports are offering healthy food options, such as sushi bars (as long as you skip the high-sodium soy sauce). Many fast-food chains have also added at least one low-fat, whole-grain item to their menus. Frommer's recommends opting for a salad, or if will power fails, even pizza, as long as you pass on the pepperoni and sausage and stick with plain cheese or veggie toppings. Or choose a turkey or chicken breast sandwich with vegetables, cheese, and mustard to save calories and fat.

You're likely to want to caffeinate, and probably heavily. Order a non-fat latte instead of full-fat. And if you're opting for a drink that's flavored with sugar syrup, ask the barista for half the pumps. And since the stale, recycled air on planes is dehydrating, as is caffeine, be sure to drink plenty of water.

If you're saddling up to the airport bar to while away the hours, Frommer's advises to avoid those enticing-looking cocktails, which are often loaded in calories and sugar. Your best bet? A nice glass of red wine. And sip it slowly. You likely have plenty of time.

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