Healthy haul: good for your breasts and your smile

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Here are some healthy pink products you might want to haul that promise to support breast cancer research and whiten your teeth simultaneously during September and October.

Wrigley's Orbit White chewing gum promises to remove stains and whiten teeth and ten percent of all purchases during September and October will go to "fight breast cancer" via an organization devoted to the prevention and early detection of breast and ovarian cancers called Bright Pink.

Borracha Wine Wipes ($6.95/€5.30) are special wipes made with baking soda, salt, hydrogen peroxide, calcium, glycerin and orange blossom developed to keep your teeth white not violet after enjoying a glass of red. Borracha donates ($2/€1.50) for each "Cheers to a Cure" set with a bottle of Syrah blend and Wine Wipes 20-wipe compact ($25/€19).

Also American dentists have come together to support "Smile Pink", a breast cancer awareness campaign with 100% of profits going to support breast cancer survivors from the dental adhesion of a single pink Swarovski crystal to a tooth. The crystal can be easily removed with a tweezer.

To find dentists involved, go to:

In addition to supporting breast cancer research and education by shopping, prevention is best achieved by early detection according to the World Health Organization (WHO). See the best way to give yourself a proper exam with Treasure your Chest, a vlog with celebrity news network E!'s Giuliana Rancic and Bright Pink's founder Lindsay Avner: