Here’s what being tasered looks like in slow motion

Shot at 28,500 frames per second, the camera catches every bodily response to the weapon
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A new video shows how the body reacts to being tasered like in slow motion.

The footage features the Taser itself being fired before then trying the weapon on a human subject.

Watch the pain of being tasered in slow motion.

The video reveals how the two prongs of a taser are released along with serialised confetti, in order to identify which weapon was fired.

A poor cameraman is then subjected to the gun’s special kind of pain, without the help of a shirt to soften the blow.

Close up shots of the man’s back shows how the muscles react to the surge of electricity, contracting as the taser hits.

The painful experience doesn’t end there though, as the prongs are barbed to ensure they stay in the skin, making their removal rather excruciating too.

The Slow Mo Guys, a YouTube channel dedicated to slow motion videos, travelled to taser headquarters in Scottsdale Arizona to make the film.