IDEA 2010 fitness trends: MMA, CrossFit, BLT

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According to IDEA Health & Fitness Association, an organization of 23,000+ global health, wellness and fitness professionals representing 80 countries, 2010's fitness trends can be classified into three categories mixed martial arts (MMA), metabolic conditioning and body leverage training (BLT).


Various new techniques highlighting these trends will be showcased during the 350 fitness sessions at the 26th annual IDEA World Fitness Convention (IDEA 2010), the largest and oldest trade event for fitness professionals. Over 5,000 influential fitness and wellness professionals from 65 nations are expected in Los Angeles, California August 4-8.


Full-contact workout that mixes skills from various martial including karate, Muay Thai, traditional kickboxing, boxing, Brazilian jiujitsu, judo, kung fu, tae kwon do and wrestling.

Underground Wellness TV's ‘Train Like a MMA Star!' clip:

AlterCenter's Muay Thai MMA Circuit Training:

Caveman Training routine with former UFC Champion Sean Sherk:

Metabolic Conditioning

Best known as CrossFit, bootcamps or the packaged program P90X, a series of intense fast workouts without machines for core strengthening and conditioning combines weightlifting, sprinting and gymnastics. CrossFit training is used by various militaries for trainings including the US Marines, Royal Danish Life Guards and Canadian Forces.

CrossFit Central's ‘I am CrossFit workout'

P90X sample workouts

In addition to experiencing CrossFit sessions at IDEA 2010, the 2010 CrossFit Games will take place July 16-18 in Carson, California, to learn more, go to


A work-out that uses your own body as resistance, this in itself isn't new but in 2010 fitness enthusiasts using innovative techniques to go to new heights that include TRX Suspension Training, pole dancing, the Lifeline Jungle Gym, JUKARI Fit to Fly/Flex by Reebok, aerial forms of yoga and Pilates/Aerialates and Gravity by efi.

TRX Suspension Training group class

Aerialates at Uptowns Studio U with Style Parlor TV

Gravity ‘Mindful Mechanics'

Pure Fitness Channel Jukari Fit to Fly class in Hong Kong