Six-time Ironman triathlon champion Mark Allen and Huichol shaman and healer Brant Secunda are to keynote Inner IDEA, the fifth annual event devoted to mind, body and spirit wellness in Palm Springs, California September 23-26.

Allen and Secunda will share insights as well as demonstrate their integrative wellness approach detailed in their book Fit Soul, Fit Body: 9 Keys to a Healthier, Happier You ($16.47/€13.14).

Here are nine secrets from the book that Allen credits to making him a ‘competitive success':

1. Balance your responses to the six types of stress
2. Quiet the mind
3. Transform fear, anger and jealousy
4. Reconnect to the natural world
5. Honor yourself
6. Know and set the quest
7. Live what you ask for
8. Slow down to get faster
9. Invite your inner cave man to the table

Also Secunda and Allen have designed a simple 15-question survey to help you determine if you are fit with questions about weight, stress, exercise and spirituality. To take the fit quiz, go to:

Inner IDEA, an international event devoted to integrative health and wellness for health and fitness professionals, will include 100+ interactive sessions on pilates, yoga, nia, gyrokinesis, integrated movement, meditation, nutrition and the wellness marketplace. Ticket pricing varies from $495-675 (€371-538), to register and learn more, go to: