On July 9, the business culture blog PSFK tweeted the announcement of their upcoming briefings and Future of Health report, in partnership with UNICEF.

Beginning in May, PSFK/UNICEF announced a social network effort and asked its followers to help them monitor "key trends that impact health and wellbeing" to find new innovations and partners that can translate into deliverable health solutions for children worldwide.

"The Future of Health" is a pro-bono project bringing together creative agencies and global public health workers in an effort to develop innovative practical health solutions, technologies and treatments.

The report is to be distributed to governments and aid organizations around the world after July 26.

If you would like to still contribute to ‘PSFK concept report for UNICEF,' ideas are welcomed until July 20 @ 10:59pm EDT. Remember "the aim here is to get as many ideas to inspire UNICEF and likeminded organizations." To submit, go to: http://spreadsheets.google.com/viewform?formkey=dEtwdGNlaUlPQjdWVUstb3EwdFUyWFE6MQ

PSFK/UNICEF is also extending an invitation to their virtual and live briefings on "themes uncovered in the Future of Health report, key issues identified, and guidelines for how groups might approach the development of new concepts which address these issues."

The live briefing takes place in SoHo, New York City on July 13 at 6pm EDT or you can opt for a digital copy that will be emailed on July 14. Access to all of briefs requires a donation to UNICEF that range from $25-100 (€20-79)

For more information on how to donate and attend or get a copy of a briefing, go to: http://future-of-health.eventbrite.com