As the soft beverage industry comes under continued criticism for its role in childhood obesity a new partnership between a leading soft drinks manufacturer and Senomyx could lead to new flavor and lower calorie drinks.

In an August 17 press release soft drinks manufacturer Pepsi Co announced that it has entered into a partnership with Senomyx, which creates new flavors for the food and beverage industry. According to the press statement the collaboration between the two companies is intended to bring a lower calorie soft drink to the market place.

This announcement follows an interview Derek Yach, senior vice president of Pepsi Co. global health policy, gave to industry magazine In the interview Mr. Yach outlined Pepsi's plans to reduce Childhood obesity.

Pepsi Co. have not yet announced any details regarding their possible new flavors or when the public can expect to be able to purchase the new products.

Pepsi Co. currently market Pepsi-max a low calorie alternative to their namesake drink, and Coca-Cola produce lower calorie options Coke light and Coke Zero.

The soft drinks industry around the world and particularly in America has come under pressure to improve the nutritional value of its products. US first lady Michelle Obama recently called on food and beverage manufacturers to curb the marketing of unhealthy products to children.