‘I can’t see anything down there and I’m not even sure I want to”: Parenting blogger exposes the reality of pregnancy, hemarroids and all

For many pregnancy is an unpleasant means to a happy ending

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A new mum is so fed up with unrealistic portrayals of parenthood that she’s written her very own brutally honest pregnancy bible. 

Jess Bovey, who runs the blog New Mum Club, has one child called Baxter, and is currently pregnant with her second who is due in April.

While she understands that pregnancy is a blessing, she wishes that women would be more open and honest about the experience which she says took her by surprise.

"The first trimester took me by surprise," she wrote. "I'm tired, so f***ing tired.I am puffing and out of breath from walking up six stairs.

"I am so light-headed and dizzy ALL of the time, I often need to just take a moment and sit. My boobs feel like they’ve been injected with quick setting concrete. Don’t even get me started on the excruciating back pain."

But this, according to Jess, is only the beginning. 

She goes on to write an extensive list of undesirable side effects including skin tags, itchy skin, repulsive flatulence and the inability to shave your legs past thirty-weeks. 

"Glow? What glow? Yeah, that’s a combination of sweat and my new found oily skin", she writes.

"Am a bawling mess one minute, completely irrational the next and then in fits of rage within seconds."


16 weeks and shits starting to feel a lot more real now || 👶🏻⌛️

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The post has struck a chord with hordes of new and expectant mothers who are also fed up with the rose-tinted view many take of pregnancy. Yes, it’s an exciting time but it is admittedly an unpleasant means to a happy ending.

Jess says she feels so much more prepared this time round adding: "My body never bounced back after #1 so how much damage can #2 do?"