Poland on Monday banned smoking in restaurants, bars and other public places, falling into line with a host of other European nations.

The new anti-tobacco law only allows smokers to light up in bars and restaurants - and any workplace - if there are separate, ventilated rooms set aside for them.

Smoking is banned completely in hospitals and other medical facilities, plus schools and cultural venues such as theatres.

It also applies to sports stadiums - even open-air ones - children's playgrounds and transport facilities ranging from railway stations to bus-stops.

Owners of venues who fail to put up signs banning smoking face a fine of 2,000 zloty (500 euros, 693 dollars), while smokers who break the law risk a 500-zloty (125-euro, 173-dollar) penalty.

The average monthly salary in Poland is 3,200 zloty (800 euros, 1,108 dollars).

Some 34 percent of Polish men smoke, and 21 percent of women, according to official data.