updates hourly the influence of doctors tweeting based on their activity, RTs (retweets) and followers.

The site began its list at the end of July and boasts "1287 doctors with more joining every day" from around the globe including Australia, Belgium, India, UK, Jamaica, Japan, Colombia and the USA.

On September 7, the top five most influential doctors are:

1. @DRoftheVaJayJay, also know as Dr. Ki (OB/GYM) claims to tweet "Answers not Advice" and describes herself as a "certified MILF"and "Cougar Club Pres."

2. @drdrew, David Drew Pinsky, MD, an American internist and addiction medicine specialist based in Los Angeles, California, is best known for his television/radio shows about recovery and addiction (Loveline, Celebrity Rehab, Sex Rehab, Sober House).

3. @brontyman, Michel F. Ozaki in Southern California defines himself as "Husband-Doctor-Berkeley Grad-Believer in the American dream for all" and most of his tweets are poltical and not about health.

4. @Berci, Bertalan Meskó, MD is a medical doctor, founder, health 2.0 consultant, "Second Life resident, Wikipedia administrator doing PhD in genetics" in Debrecen, Hungary.

5. @hrana, Hisham Rana, MD, a "geek who became a doctor" in London, England, is entrenched in health care social media and policy.

The next two docs tied for sixth place are both internationally known for their television health advice: CNN's medical correspondent and neurosurgeon Sanjay Gupta, MD, (@sanjayguptaCNN) and Dr. Oz Show host Mehmet Oz, MD, (@DrOz) a New York cardiac surgeon and author.

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