Tweet-bate on the organ trade

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The Economist, a respected global economics publication, tweeted on July 1 the announcement of their second Twitter debate entitled 'Should the trading of human organs be allowed?' scheduled for July 6 at 3pm UK time.

Here are the two sides as outlined by The Economist's Facebook event page:

-There is a desperate shortage of organs. Around 1,000 people die in Britain alone each year waiting for transplants
- In 1988, Iran changed the law to allow people to sell their kidneys. Within three years, the country no longer had a waiting list for kidney transplants
- Banning the sale of organs drives the trade underground. That makes transplants riskier for both donors and recipients

 - The British Medical Association says that allowing organs to be traded would put pressure on poor people to sell
 - There are alternatives. Countries in which people's consent to donating their organs is assumed unless they opt out have shorter waiting lists
 - Legalising the trade in organs would turn the human body into a commodity. That is taking free markets too far

To tweet your position, follow @theeconomist on July 6 at 3pm UK time. The event is tagged #WDYS.

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