The moving blog post has been shared widely online

A cancer sufferer has written an emotional final blog post detailing the last stage of her illness from breast cancer.

The blog, entitled 'Fighting Genghis', is written by Rosie Choueka, a lawyer from north-west London.

A wife and a mother of two, she was diagnosed in June last year with primary breast cancer. Following the completion of a course of chemotherapy, tests revealed that the cancer had returned, and had spread to her liver.

She writes on her blog that "this means the cancer is incurable and will almost certainly shorten my life. I am now fighting to stay alive as long as possible."

The latest blog entry, entitled 'My final post' is an emotional story, giving an account of Rosie's final decline

Two weeks ago, she went on a family holiday, which was intended to give her a bit more strength to deal with upcoming surgery. However, she picked up a bug before the holiday, which rendered her weak and in pain for most of the trip.

Rose Choueka posted a heartbreaking final blog post on Thursday (Rose Choueka/Fighting Genghis)

After a consultation with her breast surgeon to discuss the upcoming lumpectomy, she was admitted to hospital, as the surgeon wanted her to recover a little before the surgery.

She also needed to prepare for her upcoming selective internal radiation therapy - a procedure that involves tiny radioactive beads being inserted into blood vessels around a tumor via a catheter.

However, the infection that she picked up before the holiday meant that her liver was not able to fight the cancer.

She writes: "There is nothing that can be done and I have been told there are now only palliative options for me."

"I am hoping to get into a hospice soon although it seems to be a one in, one out policy for these wonderful places, for obvious reasons. There at least I hope there will be a degree of peace and a pain free environment there for me. No one will be able to tell me if it is a few days or weeks, but it certainly won't be long."

Thanking her readers for the deluge of messages of support she received over the course of running the blog, she ends the moving post by writing: "Please remember me and my family. Thank you for reading. Rosie."

The blog post was followed by comments of support from readers. One wrote: "I hope your family will move on and prosper in life with joy and success."

Another, seemingly from a former workmate, says: "Over the last year you have inspired me beyond words with your practical, positive and humorous approach to this horrible debilitating disease."

"I miss you here at work and the place is not the same without you. I hope you and your family find some peace."

Clearly touched by the straightforward and accepting approach to her illness, Rosie's final blog post has been shared over 1,000 times on Facebook. You can read it here

Rosie Choueka's friends are currently raising money in her memory for Breakthrough Breast Cancer, you can donate here.