Shoes with inbuilt wheels or wheels that can be attached to shoes have been among some of the internet search terms with the biggest week on week increases over the past fortnight signaling a return of the early 00's trend.


According to data from analysis company Experian Hitwise which measures internet retail search terms with the biggest week on week increase, shoes with wheels could be one of the next big consumer trends.

The term 'Heelys' was one of the most searched for retail terms in the US on September 11 and for the week ending September 25 the term 'Street Gliders' was one of the most popular searches in the UK. 

Heelys are sneakers with a removable wheel in the heel, allowing Heely users to skate along whilst in shoes, they are available to buy online at for around 50€. 'Street Gliders' are small, skateboard sized wheels mounted on a platform which can be strapped on to the bottom of a shoe and easily removed afterwards, 'Street Gliders' cost upwards of 17€ and work on a principle more similar to that of a skateboard than roller-skates.  Other similar devices include a variety of 'roller shoes' which have retractable rather than removable wheels.

The first shoes with wheels hit the high street in the early 2000's, but the increase in related internet traffic suggests that updated roller-shoes could be a re-emerging trend amongst children in America and Europe despite having been criticized in the past by parents concerned with safety issues.

Heelys and Street Gliders are available to buy online at / and

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