A Canada Goose finds a hole in a frozen pond ice in Redhouse Park, Birmingham / David Jones/PA Wire


29 September 1662

Anthony Wood, Oxford antiquary: "Being Michaelmas Day, several scholars went to steal geese at Wolvercote; but being… pursued… one scholar was thrust in the arm with a prong, another taken. He that was taken they had to Wolvercote and set him in the stocks in his gown; but the rest rallying up forces to the number of 40, came and rescued the man, broke all the windows in Wolvercote, and took a goose and stuck him on the end of a long staff and so marched through the town and home in triumph."

29 September 1939

The Countess of Ranfurly: "Warsaw has surrendered. Poland is being partitioned by Germany and Russia. I telephoned [the Polish pianist] Jan Smeterlin. He was so upset he could hardly speak. 'Hold on,' he said, 'I'll put the receiver down on the piano.' He played me a little sad Chopin then came back on the line. 'That's how I feel,' he said, and hung up.

"Firearm certificate No 2802 has arrived from the police. A note was enclosed: 'We had a good laugh over your application – "For use against parachutists."' Now I can collect my revolver and ten rounds of ammunition."

1 October 1918

T E Lawrence on the Allies entering Damascus: "As the Germans left they fired the ammunition stores, so that every few minutes we were jangled by explosions, whose first shock set the sky white with flame. At each such roar the earth seemed to shake; we would lift our eyes to the north and see the pale sky prick out suddenly in sheaves of yellow points… Sick to think of the great town in ashes as the price of freedom. When dawn came we drove to the head of the ridge, afraid to look north for the ruins we expected; but, instead of ruins, the silent gardens stood blurred green with river mist, in whose setting shimmered the city, beautiful as ever, like a pearl in the morning sun."