Thirty-five percent of EU consumers who have used the internet to purchase anything have bought tickets to sporting or cultural events; in order to protect these consumers from fraud or being the victim of unethical business practices a series of guidelines were drawn up by EU member states.


Following an investigation into websites selling tickets to sporting or cultural events online the 27 participating EU member states and Norway suggest that consumers follow these guidelines:

  • Check that the name, geographical addresses and email of the trader is provided on the site.  
  • Check that there is clear information about the main characteristics of the product.  
  • Check that the price is inclusive of all taxes, or additional taxes are clearly stated, the price should also be displayed in a clear, intelligible, unambiguous and timely manner. The final price should also be the one stated before confirming the purchase.
  • Check that you (the consumer) are provided with clear and simple information on payment and delivery arrangements.  
  • Check that the terms and conditions are drafted in plain and understandable language and that delivery is guaranteed on time (aside from in exceptional circumstances).
  • Check that the trader offers or guarantees a refund in the case of exceptional circumstances, (for example would a customer get a refund if having purchased tickets to a festival it is subsequently cancelled due to unusual weather conditions).

Consumers within the EU can find more information on consumer rights at