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Here is a real novelty: an environmentally friendly, morally sound and all-round worthy investment that is actually useful. "Ethical purchasing" may brush up even the most tarnished conscience instantly, but the usual end result is a product best left in the cupboard under the stairs for the rest of its days.

Not so the Baygen Freeplay windup radio. It requires no battery nor any external power source and can run for 60 minutes. What is more, it can go anywhere - the bathroom, the garden or further afield - without resort to energy sources hard on the pocket and on the environment. Should you not feel saintly enough, the idea was conceived by inventor Trevor Baylis who had seen that a means of inexpensive communications might improve Aids awareness in Africa. It also helps that it is fast becoming a design classic.

Around pounds 59.95 For a list of local stockists 0800 731 3052