In Thing: Romeo Gili Sunglasses

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'My blue Gigli shades are quite pretty and don't make me look like a hard rock chick' says an actress who owns the ultimate In Thing - a gift from Mr Gigli himself. 'They show my eyes, but not my bags.'

While the tinted Gigli shades are so hip they don't yet exist in this country (they will be available in his South Molton Street shop next year), his other designs for sunglasses are being swooped on by London's ultra-glam. 'They are the only things in here that are relatively inexpensive,' says shop buyer, Joanna. At pounds 125 upwards a pair, that's not funny. Men are snapping up the shades with the square metal frames (pounds 135). But most sought after are the women's round tortoise rim design.' We had an order of 20 tortoise shells that came in last week,' says Joanna. 'Today there are two left.'

Romeo Gigli, 62 South Molton St, London W1 (071-495 6730) Mon-Sat 10am-6pm/Thur 10am-7pm.

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