Thought motherhood had saved you from the treadmills of the gym? Ha, think again. A jogging pram has been invented. Mounted on three sturdy spring-loaded small rubber wheels (all the better for negotiating park runs or even rougher terrain) - the jogging pram is meant for mums intent on bouncing back after birth. If a baby really is the ultimate lifestyle accessory, one seen hurtling along in a hi-tech jogging buggie is sure set things at an altogether different pace.

If it all sounds too much, the good thing is that these prams have caught on with Dads. Nick Berry and Tom Cruise (on blades with pram ) being two who've been spotted whizzing their babes-on-wheels through Hyde park. Keep up.

Manufactured by PCD Ltd in Devon, the prams cost between pounds 200 to pounds 400. Call 01822 618077 for further details