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Checkout rates

Sainsbury's Bank, the foodstore chain-cum-bank, this week turned up the screws on its traditional rivals by accusing them of underpaying some pounds 330m in interest each year on low-interest instant access accounts. The neo-bank claimed savers were losing an average of pounds 25 a year, on average deposits of pounds 1,000. Meanwhile, Sainsbury's now has 700,000 customers and pounds 1.5bn on deposit.

Euro cheques

Thomas Cook will be adding euro currency travellers cheques to its existing range from next year. The travel firm said its move would let travellers guard against fluctuating exchange rates while abroad.

Charge sheets

Finding out what charges are levied on your pension or endowment can be fraught with difficulties. Sometimes providers' figures are simply wrong. Janet Walford and John Chapman report. Pages 6, 7

Future homes

Buying a new home is more than choosing the right bricks and mortar nowadays. Penny Jackson finds some purchasers are prepared to pay thousands for full-grown trees to be planted, while Andrew Mylius visits new internet-linked communities. Pages 10, 11


Safeway has asked us to point out that the videos we referred to last week earn only 12 points each at the standard rate under its ABC loyalty card scheme. Customers could get 36 points if they had qualified for triple points by spending pounds 240 the previous month.