2 While treating myself to a pair of Birkies - that's Birkenstocks to you - at the store of the same name in Covent Garden the other day, I spied with my little eye Mr James Brown. No, not "Get up off that thing and dance if you feel better", I'm talking about the former editor of Lad bible Loaded, who has now matured like a fine cheese and defected to GQ magazine. From lager and curry to brown rice, lentils and Birkenstocks. Forget the latest pair of trainers, James is obviously turning into an earth father.

2 Tutti Frutti - Fruit of the Loom is apparently "responsible for the classic white T-shirt worn by style babes past and present, from Diana Vreeland to Kate Moss". Well, I'm sure Diana Vreeland would disagree if she were alive, but anyway. Sportswear continues to dominate street style and FOTL has produced the perfect unisex, precision-cut, V-neck T, and hooded sweatshirt, in a variety of colours. Modelled here by a rather dishy boy who admittedly attracted my eye to this rather dull subject in the first place. Call 01952 587123 for your local stockist.

2 What is Sky magazine on this month! I'll never work in this town again! Oh well, they are always looking for staff at McDonald's. Poor Denise Van Outen, what have they done to her! Launching Sky's orgy of nakedness, disco-dolled-up-to-the-nines on the front cover in that familiar hands- hiding-boobs pose that we've all seen before. Saucy! And inside in various states of undress. Why? You are a babe anyway and really have no need to do this. You could have worn the coolest clothes and insisted on Meisel, sweetie. Well, okay, maybe not. Worse still, The Naked Celebrity - "Pictures they don't want you to see". For starters, most are film stills that are not at all shocking, a few boobs and bums here and there. Do you really think Uma Thurman is bothered that she has been papped shaking the sand off her towel, and that Kylie was seen on the beach with her boyfriend? I think not. Has the world's population not seen most of these pictures before? Boring old news guys.

2 Donna Karan junkies will be pleased to learn that she is to open a new shop within Harvey Nix to house the Donna Karan signature collection. "From the beginning, I have wanted to systemise dressing, to simplify with sophistication, to create a foolproof formula with just a few key pieces that would take a women wherever she needs to go." I'll have the lot, please, Donna. Priced betwix D and Donna Karan New York, it is a collection of impeccable tailoring, of course, sexy sensuous knits, sleek outerwear and timeless evening wear. Available from both the Knightsbridge and Leeds stores from July. Enquiries 0171 235 5000.

2 Is it not just a little naughty of Mario Testerossa - sorry Testino - to recreate the look of Princess Anne in this month's issue of The Face magazine, after taking those pics of Di for Vanity Fair? Okay, so he takes cutting-edge pics, too, but I can't see Di - or Anne for that matter - being too amused.

2 Patrick Cox has relaunched his quirky plastic jellies for men and women for Spring/Summer. Available in a wedge or thong style, in a variety of colours, including dusky pink, baby blue, gold beige and black, price pounds 45. Enquiries: 0171 235 5599. Yummy yum, almost edible.

2 You'll be seeing a lot more of the lovely Patsy Kensit and Ulrika Jonsson this autumn because Etam has signed them up to model their latest gear. The high-street chain is also launching a capsule range in September called The Collection, with looks from the catwalk for day and evening wear. How exciting!