a Good Week for reassessing family values, as a survey showed that although 51 per cent of Americans say that marital infidelity should not disqualify a person for a leadership position, and 73 per cent think adultery should not be punished as a crime, 78 per cent say adultery is "always wrong" and a further 8 per cent say it is "almost always wrong".

Meanwhile, in Swansea, Sally Fowler, 72, and Jimmy Wilcox, 78, who have five children, 23 grand-children and six great-grand-children, decided it was time to get married. They have been living together since 1945.

A different family relationship was reported in Italy where a brother and sister, named only as Francesco, 43, and Rosario, 32, were discovered to have been keeping their mother's corpse at home so they could continue to draw her pension. The body was only discovered when another brother visited the home, noticed the smell and called the police. The woman had probably died two weeks before.

Finally, in Zagreb, Katarina Paunovic, 66, was attacked and killed by her grandson's terrier. Two years ago she had saved it from being put down after it had attacked her grandson.