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Fashion: IS IT WORTH IT?: Celestial Hair Mist Kanebo pounds 17
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A fragrance just for your hair? It's not as silly as it sounds

OUR hair picks up smells like a sniffer dog at Heathrow Airport. Pungent whiffs like chip fat, onions, curry and cigarettes have a tendency to linger in your locks and don't smell too sexy when you're getting up close and personal with your favourite man. So when you've no time to wash and go, help is at hand with Celestial Hair Mist (pounds 17 for 25ml) from French designer Thierry Mugler.

Fragranced with Monsieur Mugler's yummy chocolatey scent, Angel, this handbag-sized spray knocks out nasty niffs and perfumes dry hair in one shot. Shelling out 17 of your hard-earned pounds for a perfume spray solely for your hair could be construed as extravagant, but after one week in the company of my new Celestial friend I realised this was the hair product I had been waiting for all my life. The truth of it is, this product really does work. Tested during a night spent in tapas bars and smoky pubs, one spritz from CHM and my hair was reborn.

Inevitably there is a drawback to this wonder-product, and that is its size. As all girls know, size doesn't really matter, but for my CHM it does. This dinky bottle will, I estimate, last me all of a fortnight and I'm afraid, Monsieur Mugler, this is pas bien! I have girlfriends who party so hard they would need industrial sized cans of this baby.

A similar product that had a friend and me re-enacting the Timotei advert as we walked down Kensington High Street is L'Occitane's Hair Fragrance (pounds 6.50 for 100ml). Full of lemon essential oil, orange leaves and ylang ylang, the scent was wholesome and feminine and the spray refreshed my hair, but it somehow lacked the voluptuous oomph of CHM and I felt a goody- two-shoes using it rather than the seductive vamp my Celestial buddy inspired.

I think at the end of the day we want our hair to smell gorgeous, so for those of you out there who eat the marzipan off your Christmas cake first, check out Madder Root Herbal Shampoo (pounds 6 for 250ml) from Aveda, for the tastiest way to perfume your locks. Not only does this shampoo give hair glorious red tones, it makes it smell like a slice of Battenberg cake. This, believe it or not, is a good thing to those of us who love all things sweet and teeth-rotting. It should also last a couple of months, which is a darned sight longer than any cakes in my house.

Susannah Conway