Letter: 'Britannia' is not a matter of national pride

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As a mariner (Master) I am pleased that the powers have apparently decided to replace the royal yacht when the present Britannia completes her long and, I think, distinguished service ("Labour won't pay for Britannia", 26 January).

However, I view the timing of this announcement with considerable scepticism. Is it another ploy by a fraught government to curry favour, with a belated token of commitment to our beleaguered maritime services which have suffered so diabolically during the 17 years of Thatcherite ideology?

A minister referring to this government's commitment to our maritime heritage is blatant hypocrisy when the Conservatives have presided over the destruction of our once great and proud Merchant Navy.

It is reassuring to know that any new building will take place in a British yard - do we still have the capacity?

Captain Anthony S Young

Hornsea, East Yorkshire