DR THOMAS Anderson seems to have been so brain-washed by the milk industry's PR department that he has lost the ability for independent thought (Letters, 13 December). Over the years, the Milk Marketing Board repeatedly told us that milk is "full of natural goodness", omitting to add that it is full of natural goodness for calves, not humans. Dr Anderson suggests we should avoid foods not normally consumed by humans. Does he believe that it is natural for humans to suckle cows?

Many doctors despair of the lack of basic knowledge of doctors such as Dr Anderson. Sir Douglas Black, one of the most respected medical experts in the country, has stated that "milk is a major killer". Dr Buisseret, a lecturer in medicine, teaches that "the drinking of cows' milk is a grotesque method of nourishment and has been clearly implicated in the aetiology of a number of health problems including obesity, coronary heart disease, arterial thickening and related cardiovascular disorders." Professor Eliezer Kaplinski, head of a cardiology department: "Milk products are a major cause of high blood pressure, atherosclerosis and heart attacks. Only smoking is worse."