Letter: Masons: economic with information

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From Mr P. D .L. Johnson Sir: I read with interest the article about the Nolan inquiry and Freemasonry ("Masons may be forced into open", 21 January) and the letter in response from Commander Higham (26 January).

Commander Higham would have us believe that freemasonry is out in the open for all to see. In reality, it is somewhat different. I have taken an interest in researching the origins of secret societies, freemasonry in particular, and after having read a good many books on the subject, I ventured to write to Grand Lodge.

After being passed from person to person, I eventually ended up meeting with John Hamill, the Librarian for Grand Lodge. He is a very pleasant man and we spent time talking over a few of my questions. At the end of our meeting, I asked if I could write again. Mr Hamill agreed, saying he would endeavour to answer any further questions.

I wrote in February 1994, and even after a dozen phone call reminders, Mr Hamill has still not replied. In October, I wrote to Commander Higham explaining the situation and I have not heard from him either.

Is it any wonder that the public view of freemasonry remains one of suspicion?

Yours faithfully, P. D. L. JOHNSON Whitstable, Kent 27 January